Sigmoid Pharma

Proprietary oral drug delivery system

Sigmoid Pharma Limited is a specialty pharma company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Sigmoid’s goal is to identify and create meaningful new therapies for unmet clinical needs in gastrointestinal and immunological diseases and disorders. Sigmoid achieves its goal by applying its proprietary SmPill® oral drug delivery technology and pharmacological expertise to approved drugs or new chemical or biological entities.

Sigmoid is led by lead inventor and founder, Dr. Ivan Coulter, supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced management, medical, research, quality and operations professionals.

Sigmoid is advancing a pipeline of products for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and disorders, with priority focus on the lead product, CyCol® for treatment of moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, which Sigmoid plans to investigate in a phase 3 clinical trial in North America and Europe.

Traditional drug delivery technologies tend to address single formulation issues, such as enhanced solubility, permeability, stability or controlled release. However, many drugs will benefit from addressing a number of formulation issues simultaneously. SmPill® is a convergent system that combines into one technology otherwise disparate formulation approaches in an integrated manner. Sigmoid’s SmPill® offers a unique, patent-protected platform that is proven to address:

  • Poor aqueous drug solubility
  • Poor drug absorption or permeability
  • Unfavourable systemic pharmacokinetics
  • Processing challenges of labile molecules, including vaccines and peptides

Sigmoid is highly collaborative in its approach to research and innovation, and has created a network of alliances with leading academic and medical centres of excellence as well as international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Sigmoid Pharma , The Invent Centre
Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland