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4th April - Sigmoid Pharma Limited Announces a Strategic Collaboration with Dr. Falk Pharma GmBH
6th March - Sigmoid Pharma Limited Announces the Appointment of Lorin K. Johnson, PhD as a Non-Executive Director
28th February 2017 - Sigmoid Pharma to Present at the 37th Annual Cowen & Company Healthcare Conference on March 7th 2017
6th June 2016 - SAMPA: Scale Up of an Advanced Manufacturing process to produce a Pharmaceutical product Application
1st March 2016 - Sigmoid Pharma to Present Corporate Overview at the 36th Annual Cowen & Company Healthcare Conference
4th February 2016 - Sigmoid Pharma Announces Acquisition of Freund Pharmatec Ltd.
29th September 2014 - Sigmoid enters into a licence agreement with Pendopharm for commercialisation rights to Cycol® in Canada.
11th April 2013 - Sigmoid Pharma Announces Cycol® Data Presentation at the British and Irish Gastroenterology Spring Meeting
17th May 2012 - Sigmoid Pharma Completes Phase II trial of CyCol™ in more than 100 Ulcerative Colitis Patients and Raises €3 million
29th April 2010 - Time to ask: Why Not? (Irish Times)
26th Mar. 2010 - Sigmoid wins innovation-of-the-year award (Irish Times)
16th Feb. 2010 - Teaching old drugs new tricks (Irish Times)
4th Nov. 2009 - Sigmoid featured in new Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News blog
9th June 2009 - Sigmoid Advances Potential Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
2nd June 2009 - Scientists at Sigmoid Discover New Approach for Graft versus Host Disease (GVHD)


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